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How many siblings did you have?

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

One important thing to think about when it comes to discussing your character's family, is that your character might not be the only child in that family. It is entirely possibly that your character had siblings as well. This is a perfect opportunity to discover who those siblings are and expand on your character's relationship with them.

Some questions to ask when defining your character's siblings:

  • What are their names?

  • Were they older or younger than your character?

  • How much older or younger are/were they?

Sometimes, the difference in ages between your character and their siblings can have a big impact on their relationship. For example, if your character or the sibling were an only child for a very long time before the other was born, then the older child may experience negative emotions due to the loss of sole attention from the parents.

Speaking of emotions, you might decide to expand upon this Grain Prompt by also discussing your character's relationship with and memories of their siblings. Maybe explore your PC's (Player Character) favorite memory of each sibling and how that made your character feel. Maybe there was a special moment that irrevocably brought them close together, or maybe they are twins and had a lot of fun exploring the mischievousness of being a twin.

Conversely, you can also reflect on your PC's worst memory with each sibling. Maybe your PC or the sibling turned their back on the other at an important moment thus gravely harming or damaging their relations because of the refusal of support. Or maybe the sibling committed some unforgivable crime (it is left to your imagination what the crime might be) that permanently removed a love interest from your character's life.

There are many things that you can discuss when it comes to siblings, but the important thing to remember is to start small and then expand from there.

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