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Stories We Tell Ourselves

The art of storytelling can be traced as far back as the down of humankind when cavemen would sit around a fire in their cave, drawing pictures on the walls and telling stories and histories about those pictures. There have been uncountable evolutions to that artwork on the cave walls, but the act of telling stories will outlive us all.

When your character was growing up, it is almost guaranteed that they were told stories of great heroes (gender all-inclusive), horrific calamities, apathetic gods and all-too-interested devils. These stories probably ranged from actual histories, to prophecies, to flights of fancy, and every other type of storytelling. They were probably shared by parents, elders of the community, religious groups or cults, local government, friends, and likely even from the seemingly insane person on the street corner who carried a sign reading "The eNd iS coMing!!!" And sometime, these stories were even told by your character to themself or others.

The question is, did you character have any particular stories that really stuck out to them? Were there any that inspired them in one way or another? Were there any that led your character to becoming the person and adventurer that they have become? How about any stories (possibly histories or prophecies) that may have terrified your character so much that they became and adventurer in order to fulfill those prophecies . . . or prevent them from happening.

By sharing this part of your character's backstory with your DM/GM, they might be able to incorporate those childhood stories into the game in such a way as to torment your character . . . or more hopefully, to inspire them to greatness and heroism.


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