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Childhood Deserts

Unless your character has absolutely zero tastebuds, they more than likely have some type of food that they would consider a sweet treat. For example, a high elf druid might really enjoy sucking on a piece of licorice root. Whereas a demon may find it a real treat to be able to drink every last drop of blood from a virgin high elf . . . especially if that elf has recently consumed licorice root.

Every character will have their own unique likes and dislikes and these may even change, sometimes frequently, as your character gets older. For the purposes of this prompt, focus on your character's childhood likes and dislikes.

With the exception of Earth-based games (e.g., Call of Cthulhu) where food and drink are mostly already defined, creating edible delights in many RPGs (role-playing games) can be a lot of fun . . . even if you are just renaming an Earth-based food or drink. Have fun getting creative in naming the sweet treat (food or drink) and don't forget to describe what it tastes like to your character. Even if every other character may find the treat disgusting, this is all about what your character likes. Many sweet treats may even come with a special memory that your character reflects on every time they have this particular treat.

On the flip side, many characters may also have a sweet treat they they absolutely hate. Give this treat a name as well and describe how it tastes to your character. Does this treat elicit any bad memories or possibly any physical reactions (use your imagination for what this means for your character).

By letting your DM/GM know about these treats, they might be able to create special moments in your game and allow your character to enjoy some yummies from your character's childhood.


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