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About Us

RPG Storytelling found its beginning in the early days of my experiences with RPGs. As a brand new player, I quickly dove head first into the information superhighway, commonly known as the internet, searching for any and all information I could find about building and designing great characters for the Dungeons & Dragons games that I wanted to join . . . didn't have any games to join yet, I just wanted to build characters. While I did eventually find games to join, I found very little information about building complete characters for those games.

Oh, sure, there was a ton of information out there for helping the Dungeon Masters and Game Masters to build their characters and their part of the storytelling experience. But there was little to none for the actual players outside of how to build the character, the nuts and bolts of what the character can do in the game. As a life-long creative writer with degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing, this wasn't enough for me. I needed to know more about the characters that I was building aside from their ability checks and combat abilities.

That is when I began developing the early stages of RPG Storytelling. As much as I desired to have a much more complete character, meaning a more fleshed out backstory, I began to realize that there are probably numerous others out there who would like to do the same thing, but may not know how. And RPG Storytelling was born.

RPG Storytelling was developed to help role-playing game (RPG) players, and their Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Lore Keepers, and everyone else, create and build characters beyond just their mechanics. We are dedicated to helping all RPGers to more fully develop their characters through the building of fun, intriguing, and in-depth character backstories.

Remember, there is more to the
Legend Beyond the Dragon's Tale!

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