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What deity does your character believe in?

In every RPG that we play, our characters, like the players who create them, have a belief in something. Some of these beliefs may include (among others):

  • Belief in themselves,

  • Belief in money,

  • Belief in others,

  • Belief in power or strength,

  • Belief in the power of music,

  • Belief in the power of love . . . and hate.

But many times, these beliefs may also include one or more deities within your game system's selection of pantheons. These deities can range from divinely good to pure evil and everything in between. Does your character's beliefs include a deity?

In many game systems there at least a few deities to choose from and, in some games, your DM/GM may even create a selection of their own. Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) is one of the few systems that allows the possibility of not only system specific deities, but also the options of real world pantheons as well (e.g., Greek, Egyptian, Celtic, Norse, etc.).

The classic RPG classes of Cleric, Paladin, and Warlock rely heavily on their belief in and relationship with a deity of choice, but any character class, from any background, can believe in a deity. Depending on the relationship between your character and their chosen deity, a large assortment of storyline options become available to your DM/GM. These options may even serve to either help or hinder - and sometimes both - your character in both the overall story arc (defeating monsters and villains) as well as in your character's individual story arc and development. Work with your DM/GM to see what kind of fun and mayhem you can get your character into because of their relationship with their deity.

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