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Welcome to RPG Storytelling

RPG Storytelling is dedicated to you, the players and game masters of the various and numerous role-playing and tabletop role-playing games around the world . . . and off-world.

It is our mission and goal to assist both RPG players and those who lead the games (commonly referred to as Dungeon Masters, Game Masters, Lore Keepers, etc.) by offering them writing prompts, tutorials, templates, and videos about how to create fun, intriguing, and in-depth character backstories.

While there are tons of resources out there to assist the person who is leading the game, we here at RPG Storytelling felt it was about time that there was a place that is primarily (but not exclusively) dedicated to assisting the player(s) in developing their characters beyond the RPG system's specific character building mechanics (A.K.A. what the character can do).

While a character backstory can be as short as a few sentences and as long as an epic novel, the important thing to remember is that it should focus on your character's life before they started the first session of your current game. This is the place where you get to explore and discuss who your character was before they became a World Champion Adventurer.

Using the Grain Prompts - Backstory Starters, Videos on Demand, and all other tutorial articles and templates offered through RPG Storytelling, you will quickly start to find that you know more about your character than you initially thought you did. And your Game Master will certainly thank you for it by including those backstory elements into the game so as to further draw both you and your character even deeper into the game's storyline.

Happy Gaming!!

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