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Creating a New World

As a growing game design company, we here at RPG Storytelling LLC have dedicated ourselves to building not only stories and characters for the various games that we already play, but also designing new worlds and story possibilities for everyone to play along with us.

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Games like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer, and others have offered millions of game enthusiasts more than 50 years of storytelling possibilities, so far, and more are created everyday. You have been able to visit places like, Neverwinter (D&D), Baldur's Gate (D&D), Exandria (Critical Role), Arkham Asylum (Call of Cthulhu), and all of the lands of the Imperiums (Warhammer 40K).

But the world and story possibilities don't end there.

The dedicated, talented, and passionate game enthusiasts and designers here at RPG Storytelling are hard at work creating something brand new.

Myths of Gaea

In the early twenty-first century (A.D. or C.E.), archaeologists, historians, and scientists uncovered evidence that the history of mankind stretches much further into the past than was previously agreed upon. Tens of millennia further back into the annals of history, to be precise. It is in these lost ages that our world's story begins.

As historians, archaeologists, scientists, mythologists, folklorists, and storytellers, we are excited to explore with you an alternate reality version of our own beautiful Earth. A fantastical version of Earth set in the year 40,000 B.C.E., known as Gaea (the ancient Greek name for planet Earth). A place where the myths and legends that we are familiar with today got their start as living and breathing legends.

Image of the goddess Danu from the Myths of Gaea game.
DANU | artist: Constanza Velasquez

A world where gods and goddesses played an active role in the world they had built. A place where fantastical creatures and monsters brought both harmony and chaos to the world around them. A time when heroes of all genders and walks of life had the potential to become legends and the villains they battled against could be the warlord in the next kingdom, the dragons soaring through the sky, the demons of the underworld, the deities who claim to have created the world, or even as devious as the hermit who lives in a cave high up on the tallest mountain above the town who always seems to know more than he should.

Working with a team of professionals, hobbyists, and lovers of the fun and fantastical to create the world of Gaea is truly a dream project. I first began to dream of creating a world of mythology and legend as a young woman in the mid-80s. I have had an immense fascination with mythology and folklore since first reading stories about ancient Greek mythology in elementary school and watching movies like Legend (Ridley Scott, 1985) and Dragonslayer (Matthew Robbins, 1981). These stories and movies inspired within me a lifelong interest in wanting to create my own versions of these types of stories in a way that others (that's you) could enjoy and create within as well.

Fast forward a few decades and we, you and I together, have before us the wonderful and fantastical world of Gaea. It is my hope, and the hope of our creative team, that you will enjoy the world of Gaea and all of the wonder that it holds as much as we enjoyed creating it. We are putting in a lot of time and creative effort in developing the Myths of Gaea, but now it is time for the fun part.

Developing our first multi-level adventure campaign based in the world of Gaea.

Initially, my primary gaming group will be starting our own Myths of Gaea campaign in June 2024 with one game session a month (we are also still playing our Curse of Strahd / World of Exandria campaign), but will eventually increase the number of sessions per month so that everything will be about Myths of Gaea. Keep an eye out for ways that you can enjoy the fun along with us.

Until then, however, we invite you to ask questions about the Myths of Gaea and our starting continent, Haeslios, an ancient alternate reality stand-in for the countries of Scotland, Ireland, England, and Wales.

Don't worry, we will eventually include all of the continents as their alternate reality versions.

Welcome to the Myths of Gaea!

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