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It's Your Birthday! It's Your Birthday!

In honor of my wife's birthday today, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to offer a prompt about your character's birthday.

In the worlds of RPGs, birthdays are oftentimes overlooked. If your RPG utilizes a calendar system or somehow tracks the passage of "game time," you may or may not have noticed the passing of years. This will often come in the form of specific holidays every year such as Christmas, Samhain (Halloween), and Winter's Crest Festival (Critical Role).

Since these holidays seem to come every year, why not take a day and celebrate your character's birthday as well. If you happen to give your character your own birth date, you can even consider turning your game night into an actual birthday party (birthday candles and pointy party hats are a must!!!).

If your character doesn't remember what day of the year they were born on, do they have a particular day they have chosen (or that was chosen for them) on which their birth is celebrated? Or maybe the yearly birthday is a day of great sadness for your character?

Does your character's birthday fulfill a long-awaited prophecy? Or maybe it is the portent of some impending calamity? Does your character's yearly birthday bring about the flowers of Spring? Or does it bring about the yearly zombie apocalypse in your town?

Birthdays have a lot of significance throughout history and your character's birthday should be no different.

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